Hotels are hiring for housekeeping jobs

Hotels have been recruiting for new housekeeping positions in an effort to boost the number of hotel staff members who help maintain their properties, but some are struggling to fill positions, according to the company that manages hotels.

Hotel industry workers have complained about not being paid or not being offered promotions, and the company said it has seen the issue with some hotels.

The Hotels and Resorts Association of America said its members have also expressed concerns about the hotel industry’s ability to hire new employees, and that some hotels are not accepting resumes from those who have already applied for jobs.

Hotels are seeking to fill vacancies in hotels’ hospitality operations, including cleaning, laundry and other domestic and foreign operations, as well as hotel maintenance, according a list of roles posted on the Hotels Association of the Americas website.

Some of the positions are listed in hotels that are participating in the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The number of hospitality workers has been falling for years, with about 13 percent of the workforce employed by hotels in 2016, according the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

About 19 percent of hotels surveyed in 2014 said they had a shortage of workers to handle the growing demand for hotel guests, according an industry survey.

More:Hotel owners are not sure they have enough workers to keep their hotels running, and they are taking steps to improve their facilities, said Mike Hennessey, president of the association’s hospitality business.

The association’s chief executive, John Hennesseisen, said the association will have a meeting Wednesday with the hotelier union to discuss the hiring issues.

Hennessey said that the union has been working with hotels on the issue.

He said the union’s concerns include an inability to hire enough hotel staff to perform all the hotel-related tasks that hotel owners are responsible for.

Some hotel staff are not trained to perform these tasks, Hennessee said.

He also said some hotels do not have the staffing to maintain hotel properties.

The union said hotels do some of the cleaning for the hotels.

Houses, hotels and restaurants also are being forced to close or reduce services, Hennseisen said.

The association also is seeking to increase the number or quality of hotel staffing.

In the past year, hotels have hired more than 1,500 people, according Hennesesseisen.

Some hotels have asked their employees to quit their jobs, Hnesseisen told the association.

He said the number is up because of the recent increase in hotel-casino occupancy.

Hensseisen and Hennesones of the Hotel and Restaurant Association said they are trying to keep the hotel business strong by hiring workers to clean and cleanse hotels, and to perform maintenance on hotel facilities, including their food service.

They also are trying not to lose staff, Hensseisesaid.

Hotell is hiring more than 5,000 hotel staff in its hotels across the country, and it is also hiring for more than 100 jobs in restaurants, including food service, said Paul Cottom, chief executive officer of Hotel and Resort Business Management.

Cottom said some hotel companies are hiring temporary workers to replace people who are retiring or retiring on short notice.

He also said that he thinks some hotel managers are looking for someone to serve as a full-time assistant manager, a position that would include handling hotel operations.

“It’s just the economy, and people want to be able to stay and do their jobs,” Cottomsaid.

Helsing said that hotels and other hospitality companies are taking the hiring issue seriously.

He added that the industry has been investing in technology to help manage the growing workload.

The American Hotel Association said that about 60 percent of hotel workers are paid by the hotel.

Cottage Hotel Association spokeswoman Mary Schulz said the group has been in contact with hotel managers to see if they would be willing to hire additional workers to help with the cleaning and other cleaning tasks.

But she said they have not received any additional requests.

Schulz said hotels have been hiring new employees in recent months.

She said the industry expects the number to double next year, but said there is a lot of turnover.

Schultz said some of those hiring have not been paid their current wages.