How to spot an actor’s naked housekeeper: The secret to spotting the hidden signs of a dead star’s health

A housekeeper who fell victim to a sick star may have been hiding a secret of her own.

An actor and his housekeeper are accused of sexually assaulting a woman, the Globe and Mail has learned.

The two women, both in their early 30s, have been charged with rape.

The accused, whose identity is not being disclosed, has denied the charges.

The Globe spoke with two of the accused, who did not want to be named for fear of retaliation from the two.

The alleged assault happened in May 2017, when the two women were both working in a hotel room at the star’s house in Bali.

The woman was on the first floor and the accused was on her first floor.

The victim was a housekeeper for the star, who was in his 30s at the time.

The star has been accused of having an affair with a housekeeping assistant named Mariam.

Mariam, now 24, is now in her early 30th year.

She told the Globe she had just returned from an internship in London when the alleged attack occurred.

She described the attack as “devastating” and said she had no idea the woman had been assaulted until she found out through her colleagues.

“We all had to leave the room.

The door was shut.

I heard a knock on the door and when I opened it, I thought it was someone else,” she said.”

I went to the bathroom and when it opened, there was Mariam on my bed.”

The woman told police that Mariam asked her if she had seen the star and told her she did not.

She said she did see the accused on the floor.

“He came towards me.

He was naked and holding a glass bottle,” she told police.

The accuser said she then asked him what happened.

“Then I heard someone scream and I immediately knew,” she recounted.

She claimed she told the accused that she was not comfortable with him touching her.

“The accused replied: ‘No, no.

If you tell anyone, it will get me in trouble.'”

The accuser told police she felt “very uncomfortable” and told the actor that she would not be allowed to leave her house unless he changed his behavior.

She went to Mariam’s room, and when she opened the door, she saw the accused in bed with her.

She told police Mariam said: ‘I don’t want to touch you, you’re my housekeeper.’

“She told police they had intercourse several times.

The next morning, the accused and Mariam left the house together, and they returned later that night.

The woman said she later called her friend about the incident and the two had sex again.”

When we went back to her room, she said: I have no idea what he did to me and I don’t think I will ever have a relationship with anyone again.

I think that he is disgusting and I am scared of him,” she recalled.”

My friend came to the hotel room and I went to tell the hotel manager, and he was horrified.

He said he could not believe the news.

The hotel manager said, ‘It’s a big deal.’

“Mariam told the police that she had been sleeping on a couch in her room when the accused arrived and that she woke up to find him in bed next to her.

She then told police about the assault, but the accused denied it.

He told police the accused asked her why she did it, but she told him she did.”

The way he touched me was inappropriate.”‘”

It was just that I was not enjoying the situation.

The way he touched me was inappropriate.”‘

I don`t want to go back to that place’When asked if the accused would go to jail, Mariam told The Globe: “I don”t want him to go to prison.”

“I would like to know what happened to me, but I don`T want to leave my home,” she added.

The accusers have been held in custody in the Bali provincial capital, Bali, and have been remanded in custody to appear in court.