Which housekeeping memes are the most popular in Australia?

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to housekeeping, but the most common meme is “the housekeeper is in trouble”.

There’s also a certain amount of love for “the best housekeeper”.

And then there’s this one: “The housekeeper has had their teeth extracted and is in a wheelchair”.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you’re in the market for a new housekeeper, it’s probably worth checking out these housekeeping tips and memes.

Housekeeping memes, by the numbers: 1.

The “The best housekeeping” meme is from a 2011 episode of the ABC TV show The Housewives, in which the host of the show, Lisa Wilkinson, is on the verge of getting the job when her husband, David Wilkinson, a retired police constable, goes missing.

The housekeeper in question is a housekeeper who is at the hospital with her husband.


“The most popular housekeeping poster is from 2011, when the Housewives hosted a competition for housekeepers to help with the task of sorting through a large amount of paperwork.

A lot of the entries were from people like me who didn’t know how to sort through documents, and the winner, a woman named Jo, won the competition, despite having never worked in the field before.

The meme goes: “When you are at the front desk of the local hospital, you have a job to do.

It’s a very stressful job, and it’s also stressful to put together the paperwork that you need to sort out the paperwork in the house.

“The housekeeping lady wins, and Jo takes the job.


The Housekeeping meme is an online joke that started on a Reddit page, where it’s claimed the housekeeping community has developed the phrase “the most popular meme in Australia”.

A version of the meme has been used since 2010 to illustrate a certain meme’s success on Reddit, where its creator claims it has received over 15,000 comments and over 200,000 views.

The user with the highest rating gets the job, although not without criticism. “

You’ve got to have the worst housekeeper to get the job,” is a meme that originated on the website AskReddit, where users are asked to rate their housekeeping needs, including how many people they’ve had to have their teeth removed, had to clean their teeth, had their nails pulled and had to get a new dental seal.

The user with the highest rating gets the job, although not without criticism.


“Dogs don’t have to eat or clean.

If you can’t feed your dogs then you’re not a housekeeping guru,” is another popular meme on AskReddit.


“I’ve never worked at a restaurant before.

If a restaurant doesn’t have a full kitchen, it is not a home, it has to be a dump.

You don’t need to clean a dump, you just need to have a clean place,” is the common housekeeping joke, which originated on a subreddit dedicated to making a joke on the topic.


“If you’re doing laundry at home, just throw the laundry away, and if you can, throw the dishwasher out,” is one of many housekeeping jokes that are often attributed to the internet community.


“This is a real housekeeping challenge,” is also a common housewarming meme.

The caption reads “This challenge is to get to work at least 10 hours a week and not let anyone else in on it.”


“My dog can’t read.

You have to take the dog out of the house and have him read books.

I’ve had it with the cats in the past and the dog can read but the cats can’t.

So I’m getting rid of the cats.”


“A lot of housekeepers don’t wash their hands properly because they’re scared of being sick and their hands are getting dirty,” is an internet meme that’s been used to highlight the dangers of not washing your hands after a certain period of time.


“What you need for a nice, clean house is a dishwasher, a sink and a broom,” is something of a joke that originated in a Reddit post.

“To make a dish or a sink, use a toothbrush and a clean cloth,” it said.


“Don’t ask me how much money I made.

Just take the money and make a donation to charity,” is based on a common internet meme, in that it says “If your money was given to charity, how much did you make?”

“How much did my salary last year?” is another common internet joke that is said to have originated from the Reddit post, which also says “don’t ask why I didn’t tell you.”


“There’s a reason that the most commonly used housekeeping slang word in Australia is housekeeping,” is said by Reddit users to be “because it’s the most accurate way to say ‘that’s why you should be a