Why we should pay a hotel housekeeper $8.50 per hour

We’ve all heard of the hotel housekeepers salary.

It’s a nice, well paid job that’s often required to keep the facilities running at a hotel.

However, it’s not a salary that every hotel would pay, and it can be difficult to track exactly how much each hotel pays.

A new study from The Atlantic, however, found that some hotels are actually paying more than others, and that a few of those are actually better at keeping their hotels running than others.

According to the report, the average salary of a hotel roomkeeper is around $8 per hour, but that number varies wildly across the industry.

In fact, a few hotel companies pay $6.99 per hour to housekeepers.

The Atlantic also found that the average hotel room costs $8,000 to $10,000 per year.

In a few places, that number jumps to $13,000 or more per year depending on the size of the facility.

So, it may be time to consider a new way to pay a housekeeper.

One solution is to have a flat rate of pay, which is $2 per hour for a roomkeeper and $4 per hour if the hotel is an independent company.

Another option is to take advantage of a flexible rate of commission, which allows a hotel to pay less than a hotel would if they had to hire a full-time staff.

The hotel industry is changing to take into account these more flexible and more profitable ways of paying employees.

The cost of living in the US is expected to keep rising for the next two decades, but it seems that some companies are thinking differently about how they pay their workers.

As a result, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHA) is offering a new option to its members, offering a flat hourly wage for roomkeepers.

According the AHA, if you work at a “smaller” hotel, then the minimum wage at your place of work would be $8/hour, with no benefits.

If you work for a larger hotel, the minimum would be more in line with $10/hour.

This means that if you’re a full time hotel room keeper, you’d make $12.10 per hour.

In the end, this is still a lot of money for a job that requires a lot more work than the average job.

However that is not to say that the new wage would be a bad thing.

According this AHA survey, hotel roomkeepers earn a higher percentage of their income from tips, and are more likely to work on weekends and holidays, which gives them more vacation time.

These benefits can make a huge difference in your paychecks.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of the best hotels in the United States, but we do recommend checking out the full list on the AHLA website.

This is just a sample of what we found in our review.

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