Housekeeping supervisor positions hit record high, wages up 2.2%

Australia’s top housekeeping supervisors have been on a record hot streak, as wages hit record highs in 2018.

The average weekly wage for all positions was up 2 per cent to $2,931.

A survey of 731 housekeeping staff across the country revealed that more than half of the respondents had a full-time job.

The survey was conducted by Salary Marketers Australia and conducted in March 2018.

Housekeeping is a critical part of the hospitality industry.

The role includes maintaining the cleanliness of rooms, keeping up to date on customer appointments and managing staff and guests.

The annual salary for the top management level of the industry is around $100,000, but this is not the highest salary earners earn.

For example, the top manager of the Royal Australian Navy earns $174,000 annually.

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