‘Huge’ $150,000 Melbourne hotel housekeeper job offers $150K in bonuses

More than 20,000 job offers have been posted for the Melbourne hotel industry after the company posted a job ad.

Key points:Job seekers are offered up to $150k in bonuses, depending on job titleThe job is in Melbourne, AustraliaThe company says the offers are from a global poolThe company has received applications from Australia, New Zealand, China and SingaporeJobseekers are offered a salary range of $150-$200,000 and are encouraged to apply in the new year Job postings have been being posted for about 20,200 hotel housekeepers across Australia.

The job advert said that the offers were from a worldwide pool of more than 20 million people, and that they are all eligible to apply for the position.

The advertised positions include “housekeeping assistant”, “housekeeper” and “sour mix”.

“Our goal is to be the largest and most globally competitive hospitality company in the industry, with a strong and growing customer base,” the job listing read.

The company posted the job ad in a local search engine.

“We are a global company with over 200 countries worldwide, and more than 3 million employees,” the ad said.

“In our quest to grow and expand globally, we have expanded our business to include all areas of hospitality, from domestic and international restaurants to hotels, and our global head office is based in Sydney.”

It said the company was currently recruiting from the Americas and Europe, but would expand to all parts of the world.

“We will offer our best talent to help us grow and grow our business,” it said.

Job seekers can apply for any position.

The company said the offers would not include a promotion, with job offers to be considered at a later date.

“While we want to hire our best people, we also want to provide our best value for our clients and the community,” the post said.’

This is a good opportunity to get into the hospitality industry’The Melbourne Hotel and Restaurant Association has praised the job offers, saying they are a “very good opportunity” to get in the hospitality business.

“This is an excellent opportunity for job seekers to get experience in the hotel industry, while they also get a good salary,” the association said in a statement.

“It’s not as good as a job in an office, but this is a very good opportunity for those who want to work in hospitality.”

“The association is very happy that there are people looking for jobs in hospitality and wants to make sure they have the best possible opportunities.”

The job listing also said that job seekers could apply in either New Zealand or Australia.

“New Zealand offers a very competitive salary range and our hospitality workers are very highly skilled,” the advertisement read.

“Australias job market is very competitive and is a big opportunity for the new and established hospitality worker.”