Why do we clean our rooms at home? We should be paid for it

Housekeeping Sweepstakes winners will receive $50,000 cash prizes and $50 Canadian for each household to be swept into the sweepstakes.

In addition, the top five winners will win $500 Canadian for their cleaning services.

Winners must enter online between Oct. 21 and Dec. 5, 2017, to be eligible for the prizes.

Winners will be contacted by phone, email or in person at the Hotel Housekeeping sweepstakeroom.com.

To enter, please select a household.

If a household is in a different state than the one in which the sweepstakes are being held, it is required to contact the Hotel Hotel Housekeepers Sweepstakes Hotline at 1-855-738-5500 for the household’s address.

For the first time, the winners will also receive a hotel room cleaning kit.

For each household that wins, Hotel Housekeeper will provide one cleaning kit of the following sizes: 1-liter bottle; 2-liter bottles; 5-liter and 15-liter cans; or 12-pack and 24-pack bottles.

For more information about the Hotel Room Cleaning Sweepstakes, visit www.housekeeping.ca.

The winner will receive a $5 voucher for their hotel room cleanings at a participating Hotel.

The winner will also be required to purchase a $50 hotel cleaning gift card.

For winners that do not meet hotel cleaning criteria, Hotel Hotel will refund the winning purchase amount.

For more information, visit http://housekeepinghotel.ca/winners.

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