Why it’s so important to know your hotel housekeeper skills

You’re a hotel housekeeper.

You know what a housekeeper does.

You even have an office in your room.

You do it for a living.

You don’t think of yourself as the maid.

You’ve got your boss’s permission to work from home.

And then you get to meet the people you’re supposed to be protecting.

You also know that there’s a lot of good work going on behind the scenes.

“I’m not going to be the maid who goes to work and says, ‘Here, look, you’re doing this job,'” says hotel housekeeping assistant Emily Jones, 26, of Toronto.

“The housekeeper who is a part of the team and is doing the right thing is going to get that done, too.

So I’m just not going be that person.”

And you’re a little bit of a perfectionist.

But as the hotel housekeepers and maids you’re working with learn more about each other and the work they do, the pressure mounts.

“You are working with people who are doing really hard work,” says Jones, who works as a housekeeping nurse at a Toronto hotel.

“They are really, really dedicated to their job.

It’s a tough job.

They have to be.”

A Hotel Housekeeping Job: The Hard Part The hard part is the long hours.

It doesn’t get easier than that, says hotel maid Katie Cottrell, 26.

She’s a maid in a hotel in Toronto.

She works 10-hour days for $10.50 an hour.

“A lot of people don’t have the opportunity to work in the city.

And it’s a really hard job,” she says.

You work from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday, and then you work from 9 p to 4:30 p.s.m.; after that, you have your shift at 8 p., 10 p. and 12 p.

But it’s all unpaid, so you can’t really blame them.

“It’s just the hours,” says Cottrel.

“There’s no salary.

It takes all of the energy out of your body.

And that’s the hardest part of it, because you’re not getting paid.”

In Toronto, the average salary for hotel maids is $11.10 an hour, but it varies widely.

A survey by the Canadian Hotel and Lodging Association found that the average housekeeper earns $13.60 an hour in Toronto, but the average maid earns $15.80 an hour across the country.

Jones says that’s because most of the hotel maid jobs require a combination of education and experience.

She says the best maids have spent years in hotels, working on their first day.

“And then they’ve had to learn all of that in the hotel,” she said.

“We’re just starting out.

And so the next step is to take it to the next level.”

Getting the job Right Now There are two main reasons why you might want to apply to work as a hotel maid.

One is that it can be a great career for you, Jones says.

The other is to save money, she says, because hotel maid work typically costs more than cleaning, and there’s often no other jobs in your area.

The key to making a good choice is to ask yourself the following questions: Is it an entry-level job?