Former NFL player says she can’t handle ‘crazy’ work as housekeeper

Former NFL running back and now housekeeper marilynn Robinson says she doesn’t understand how some of the housekeeping chores in her life can be so demanding.

Robinson, who has a 7-year-old son, is the daughter of the late legendary Cowboys and 49ers running back/defensive end George Robinson.

The couple had three children together.

She said she felt pressure to work hard for her family and didn’t like to lose out on opportunities that might be more fulfilling.

Robinsons daughter is still in high school.

She’s a sophomore and she plans to major in marketing and entrepreneurship, and she said she wants to make the most of her opportunity.

“The last couple years have been really tough.

I haven’t been able to focus on my family.

I’m doing everything in my power to get ahead.

I’ve been trying to get my kids involved in school and things like that,” Robinson said.

She said she had to work overtime to feed her kids, but she still likes her job and she loves being a housekeeper.

“When I’m home I’m so happy.

I get to be in my own space,” she said.

“You work so hard and you have so much fun.

I have no problem with that.”

Robinson said she doesn`t understand how the housekeeper’s job is so demanding because she`s a mom.

“I feel like I`m being forced to do things that I`ve never done before.

That`s the crazy part of it,” she explained.

Roberson said she is trying to change some of her behavior because she doesn t like having to deal with the stress.

She is now taking a break from her job, but said she still loves the work.

“The thing I am grateful for, I am really grateful for the work that I do.

I don`t think I ever have the motivation to do anything else,” she added.

“I just want to make sure I am doing everything I can to keep myself happy.”

Robinson said she will continue to work, but only if she feels she is doing it right.

“If I feel like it`s working out, then that`s great.

But if I feel bad about it, then I just don`ts want to do it anymore,” she told ESPN.

Robesons daughter said she feels like she can`t keep doing it alone.

“She loves working and she wants us to do well in school, and if we do well and get our grades up, she is excited,” she recalled.

“If I don’t do well, I don.

She wants us both to do good.”

Roblesons husband died in September 2016, and now she and her children will be looking for a new home.

She also plans to become a housekeeping instructor.

Robinons mother said she knows that her family will be in a very difficult situation.

“My kids are going to be asking me, `Mom, where are we going?

Are we going to live in a motel?'” she said, laughing.