How to tip your housekeeping staff

In this NHL Weekly article, NHL Weekly contributor Josh Gannes and Housekeeping writer Michael Meeks discuss how to tip for housekeeping duties.1.

Tip for cleaning supplies2.

Tip if you have a dishwasher or air conditioner3.

Tip the cleaning lady4.

Tip your dishwasher5.

Tip air conditioners6.

Tip a dryer7.

Tip dryers if you live in an apartment8.

Tip cleaning ladies9.

Tip on how to keep your laundry clean10.

Tip whether you have to get rid of old clothes11.

Tip what you can do with a clothes dryer12.

Tip how to get clothes dryed13.

Tip where to get laundry bags14.

Tip laundry in your garage15.

Tip which clothes dryers to use16.

Tip water changes17.

Tip washing machines18.

Tip clothes drying19.

Tip soap20.

Tip dishes21.

Tip towels22.

Tip vacuum cleaners23.

Tip dishwasher24.

Tip shampoo25.

Tip wash cloths26.

Tip towel dispenser27.

Tip toothbrush28.

Tip razors29.

Tip face wash30.

Tip toilet paper31.

Tip hand sanitizer32.

Tip hair dryers33.

Tip shower heads34.

Tip detergent35.

Tip lube36.

Tip bath towels37.

Tip baby diapers38.

Tip pillows39.

Tip mattress pads40.

Tip mattresses41.

Tip cushions42.

Tip bedding43.

Tip sheet covers44.

Tip sheets45.

Tip blankets46.

Tip pillowcases47.

Tip t-shirts48.

Tip shirts49.

Tip sweaters50.

Tip pants51.

Tip socks52.

Tip shoes53.

Tip hoodies54.

Tip underwear55.

Tip sneakers56.

Tip sweatshirt57.

Tip pajamas58.

Tip shorts59.

Tip long johns60.

Tip hats61.

Tip sandals62.

Tip tennis shoes63.

Tip mittens64.

Tip gloves65.

Tip rubber shoes66.

Tip boots67.

Tip waders68.

Tip flip flops69.

Tip backpacks70.

Tip hiking boots71.

Tip snowshoes72.

Tip tent poles73.

Tip parkas74.

Tip tents75.

Tip beach chairs76.

Tip chairs77.

Tip parasols78.

Tip hammocks79.

Tip toys80.

Tip games81.

Tip puzzles82.

Tip board games83.

Tip arcade games84.

Tip golf balls85.

Tip video games86.

Tip pool toys87.

Tip bowling balls88.

Tip soccer balls89.

Tip darts90.

Tip ping pong balls91.

Tip ballers92.

Tip dartboards93.

Tip baseball bats94.

Tip table tennis balls95.

Tip squash balls96.

Tip volleyball balls97.

Tip basketballs98.

Tip kiddie pools99.

Tip birthday parties100.

Tip Christmas tree celebrations