The ‘Yosemite housekeeping’ controversy is finally over. Here’s what happens next

Yosemite is a place where it’s OK to do everything you can to get by.

That includes trying to keep your home in good repair and keeping things in order.

It’s a place that encourages family and friends to help out.

But this year, when a housekeeper at the resort’s hotel came to the guesthouse and left a nasty note in the kitchen, the hotel had to issue a $1,500 “rescue fee” for the damage to the kitchen.

The damage was deemed to be not serious enough to warrant a $2,500 fee.

The hotel said it’s looking into the matter.

The bill was originally written for the kitchen sink, but the kitchen is now listed on the hotel’s website as a “clean-up” item.

The note has caused controversy at the Yosemantown Resort and Spa, where many guests complained of food being left out for days and guests being left with no water or food at all.

But the hotel has now decided to refund guests $1 per day that they stay at the hotel.

“We understand that some guests may not have been as understanding of the issue, but we appreciate their understanding and hope they will accept our apology for this unfortunate situation,” the resort said in a statement.

The “rescued” guest was a hotel maintenance worker.

According to The Associated Press, the note was written in Spanish, and the resort says it has given her a “free, full refund.”

The hotel’s statement, from the resort, said the worker “was not aware of the severity of the damage and was not aware that the damage was not considered to be severe enough to merit a $4,500 repair fee.”