How the new housekeeping bill is shaping up in Ontario

Housekeeping bills are now in the final stages of legislative drafting in Ontario.

But that means some key aspects of the bill may not be in place yet.

For example, the government’s proposal for the introduction of a new tax on foreign-owned property is still in its early stages.

The House of Commons finance committee is expected to begin debating the bill later this month.

The committee is also expected to pass a motion on the bill that will be passed by both the House and Senate.

In order to pass the motion, it would require a majority vote from the House.

The motion would also require the government to provide the committee with any documents, documents and information related to the proposed tax.

The government will not release the motion to the public until after the committee has considered it.

This could mean that a draft of the legislation is already in the hands of the committee, but not yet fully vetted.

This could mean some aspects of it may not even be fully in place.

The House is expected on Thursday to vote on the government bill.