Why are Americans spending more on housekeeping?

It’s not a household item, but it is a job.

And it’s expensive.

So how does this compare to the other occupations that Americans spend more time in each year?

The numbers below are based on the most recent Census data available.

As the title says, these numbers don’t necessarily represent the true cost of the occupation.

But they do provide a ballpark figure of the number of hours Americans spend on each of these jobs each year.

And here’s what they look like.

Here’s what Americans spend most of their time doing each year:The blue line shows the total hours Americans spent each year on all occupations.

The yellow line shows what they spent on the occupation with the lowest total hours.

And for the most part, the number increases for all occupations, but the blue line drops sharply for housekeeping.

As you can see, Americans spend a lot of time doing the jobs that housekeepers do.

But here’s a chart that highlights some of the more interesting patterns.

The blue and yellow lines are the total number of total hours, not total hours worked.

So if you’re looking at hours spent on house cleaning or other housekeeping duties, you’re actually looking at what the Bureau of Labor Statistics calls the “housekeeping rate” — the percentage of hours worked per day by household members who spend some or all of their day doing housekeeping work.

In the chart below, we see that, on average, Americans are spending over a half-hour on each household member doing housework each day.

That’s higher than the average time spent by most Americans.

For the most, this suggests Americans spend too much time doing chores and not enough time doing household chores.

In the chart above, the blue lines show the average number of household members that spend more than half of their total time doing housecleaning and other housework, while the yellow lines show what the average amount of time spent is by household member that spends more than that.

We can see that there’s a big difference between the two groups.

But, as we’ll see, that’s only a small part of the picture.

Here are the top 10 occupations for which Americans spend the most time doing a task or doing one task only:The chart below shows that the number one occupation for which most Americans spend far too much of their overall time is housekeeping (though the number two occupation is cleaning and laundry).

But, again, that gap is a small one.

For the top three, the average housekeeping hour per day is over six hours.

The most popular household task Americans do is actually housework.

This is where we see the biggest gap between the blue and the yellow line.

But the average American spends more housekeeping hours than most people do.