What is Craigslist’s Housekeeping Sweepstakes?

We’re not going to tell you how to sweepstakes.

That’s not what this post is about.

Instead, we want to share what you can expect when it comes to the sweepstakes at Craigslist.

We want to get the most out of the sweepstake at a time that is convenient for you, so that you can get the best possible deal on the sweep, which will help us continue to build our company.

We’ll also share our own advice to make the most of your sweepstakes experience.

So get to it, and get ready to win!

The Housekeeping sweepstakes are a unique opportunity to find the perfect housekeeping jobs for you.

If you’ve been searching for a new housekeeper for awhile, then you may have heard of the Housekeeping program.

This is the job posting for a cleaning lady.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is how Craigslist uses the term “housekeeping” to describe the jobs advertised on their site.

Housekeeping jobs are typically held in houses, and you can find many of these jobs on Craigslist.

When you sign up, you’re supposed to give your name, address, phone number, and city, state, and zip code.

You’ll also be required to answer a series of questions.

In order to receive a sweepstakes prize, you’ll have to answer one or more of the following questions: Which housekeeping department do you work for?

What do you do in the house?

Do you use a cleaning product?

What are your cleaning habits?

What is your cleaning regimen?

How long have you been working in a house?

What type of cleaning do you like?

What kind of cleaning products do you use?

What types of items do you clean?

Do all the cleaning items need to be washed or cleaned?

Do they have to be put away?

Do any items need cleaning?

What does the cleaning procedure consist of?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve entered the housekeeping contest.

The sweepstakes is closed.


You’ve just entered a sweepstaker contest.

To win the prize, your answer to any one of the above questions will determine your entry into the sweep.

Once you’ve answered these questions correctly, you will be given a prize.

Each winner will receive a prize of $500 cash, a $100 gift card, and a coupon code to use in a future sweepstakes or promotion.

To learn more about the Housekeeper Sweepstakes, read the FAQ on the Craigslist website.

If we can’t find you, we’ll find you.

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 housekeeping resources to help you navigate Craigslist’s housekeeping competition.

There’s a lot of information to get through.

You may want to read through this whole post, and if you can, use the links below to help navigate Craigslist, get a job, or find a housekeeper.

How to win the sweep prize: When you’re ready to enter the sweepthreshstakes, you can read the answers to the first 10 questions.

Each time you answer the question correctly, the prizes listed will change.

Once the answers are listed, the sweep is over.

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