What’s it like to work as a housekeeper in Australia?

When you’re a housekeeping professional in Australia, there’s usually no shortage of things to do.

But some of those tasks are very important and can be quite taxing, and there are plenty of reasons why you may want to consider moving from home to work in the first place.

We’ve broken down the major housekeeping tasks that housekeepers perform, so you can get an idea of what to expect when you first move.

The following list is based on the most common housekeeping duties in Australia.1.

Cleaning houseIt’s a great way to get some work done but is also quite exhausting.

We’ve covered cleaning the kitchen and dining room and even putting the dishes away in a bucket.2.

Keeping your house cleanIt’s important to keep your house tidy because, as housekeeping professionals, you’ll need to maintain your home in order to keep a roof over your head.

This includes making sure your house is neat and tidy, and keeping your home safe from pest infestations.3.

Keeping the garden tidyThe garden is an important part of the housekeeping process and needs to be maintained in a healthy way.

So many tasks need to be done regularly, so if you’re just starting out, it’s best to keep things simple and tidy.4.

Housekeeping for customersIt’s also important that you keep your customers happy with the services you provide.

This means keeping the house tidy, keeping the premises clean and keeping the area tidy for your customers.5.

Housework for customersThere are plenty more housekeeping activities you can do to keep the house looking clean, tidy and tidy to the customer.

Here are some more tasks that you can expect to face in the home:• Cleaning the kitchen, dining room, kitchen sink and the kitchen cupboard• Keeping the dishes clean and tidy• Keeping up with your pest control and maintenance• Keeping your garden tidy• Clean the countertops• Keeping things organised• Keeping kitchen counters tidy• Keep the bathroom clean• Keeping dishes tidyThe job title of ‘housekeeper’ is often the first thing you hear from a prospective housekeeper.

There are many jobs for housekeepers in Australia and, if you want to get a good housekeeping certificate, you need to complete the skills requirements and a home study.

You can learn about the home study requirements and then apply for your home study certificate.

Here’s what you need for a home studies certificate:You will need to have at least three years of housekeeping experience, and be a resident of Australia for at least six months.• The home study will take approximately two weeks.• You must pass an exam at least once per year.• Your home study assessment includes a home course, which includes an assessment of your home’s quality of living and maintenance, which will also help determine if you have a good home study experience.• If you pass the home course assessment, you will then be able to apply for a licence.• Once you’ve completed the home studies, you must pass a second home study and a third home study before you can start working as a homekeeper.• Licence holders can start work at any time and you must work a minimum of 20 hours per week, but you must have a minimum wage and be paid a weekly wage of $8.60.• There is a $5 penalty for anyone who works less than a minimum requirement and you can’t work on the weekends or holidays.

You must also complete a Home Study Certificate before you are allowed to work.

Your home study should be at least 60 hours in length, and must be conducted by a qualified housekeeper and/or a licensed home study instructor.

Your work as an Australian homekeeper will usually last up to three years.• Work as a residential housekeeperFor more information, check out our guide on housekeeping certificates and our guide to getting a homestudy certificate.

This is a list of the major tasks that homekeepers perform in Australia:• Housekeeping tasks you should knowYou’ll find a comprehensive list of all the different housekeeping and cleaning tasks in Australia in our guide about housekeeping.

Here is what you will need for your first job:• An Australian licence• A home study• A house study certificate• A current and valid work permit• Work experience that is at least two years long• A minimum wage• A licence to do work• Work hours that are up to 60 hours per fortnight (in some areas, up to 80 hours per workweek)• A personal vehicle• A work permit from the Department of Employment and TrainingYou can find out more about home studies and home study permits.