When does housekeeping resume?

On the eve of the new season, the news that housekeeping resumes will be reinstated in March is not too surprising, given that many of the services offered will not be up for renewal in the current climate.

In the meantime, housekeeping careers are on a high-profile roll.

The number of resumes has soared, as new workers enter the market with a number of new employers, and the number of vacancies has increased significantly.

The number of housekeepers who have started a new job in the last six months has risen by around 300%.

The number in the field has also increased by over 300% in the past six months, according to a report from the Confederation of Spanish Associations (CESA).

In Spain, the average wage of a housekeeper was €2,634 per month in 2015, but that figure rose to €4,067 per month last year.

The average salary for a housekeeping employee was €1,093 per month, which is €8,800 higher than it was in 2015.

According to the CESA report, the increase in the number and size of housekeeping positions means that the salary for housekeepers has been on a long-term rise, as they can expect to be employed for longer in the future.

The new job is not necessarily a high paying one, though, as many housekeepers have been offered a salary of up to €15,000.

The report said that in some areas, such as in the southern province of Aragon, where the salaries are significantly higher, housekeepers are receiving up to 15,000 Euros per month.

The CESA also reported that housekeepers earn up to 70% more than housekeepers in the United Kingdom, and up to 75% more in France.

In other areas, housekeeper salaries are higher, but there are also lower salaries.

In the region of Castilla y Leon, housekeeps earn an average of €2.45 per hour, while in the regions of Valencia and Madrid, they earn an annual salary of €4.35.

The salary for new housekeepers at home has increased by 30% since last year, according the CESAs report.

While the number is high, the number still is not quite enough to satisfy the demand, as housekeepers often struggle to pay rent, and do not have a good time doing so.

In addition, many housekeeping companies also have low wages, which means that housekeep salaries do not reflect the needs of those who work there.